Will the oscars reel me in again?

During the course of this blog, I’ve gone from absolute boycott to one eye open horror (I don’t think I’ll ever get over It’s Hard Out Here For A— PIMP!!!! being performed onstage, complete with pimps and hoes) back to deciding to watch it again, with one eye open and now maybe watching it for the second year in a row. Here’s the trailer.

Rachel Zoe EARNED her money.


I’ve been looking at some of these slideshows of Anne Hathaway’s looks for the Academy Awards, and for the Lanvin Tuxedo, the Winey/Reddish Atelier Versace, the blue Armani (which was by far my fave – it was SHINY and blue, who could ask for anything more? 🙂 ), and the glittery Tom Ford alone, she earned whatever stylist fees she charged. Sandra Bullock’s Vera Wang  was gorgeous too. Sometimes I wonder how they breathe in those dresses, but they looked good. Michelle Williams looked like she could breathe in hers and the next time I cut my hair, if I go straight, I want it to look like hers.