Stuff just got real.

Yesterday I was talking with one of my friends, still getting over the shock of what happened at the mall, when she shared that her son’s high school went into lock down (which included evacuation and searches of all students) because a high-powered rifle and live ammunition had been discovered on campus. The story behind it was that one student brought it as a Christmas gift for another student. I’m going to let you marinate on how STUPID that sounds and is.

When I found out about what happened in Connecticut this morning, I was completely aghast. I’m still aghast. I have two children in elementary school. This morning I helped them get ready, walked them to their bus, told them to have a nice day, and gave them encouragement about their class work. Eighteen sets of ¬†folks probably did the same thing and something similar, but their kids are not coming home. How can something so painful and awful and evil and tragic be so senseless at the same time? Our children are in dire need of guidance and prayer. And more guidance.

Coffin spray on the ironing board.

At first glance this photo looks like an ordinary Southern kitchen that any of my female relatives could be busy at work in. Planning meals. Cleaning up. Paying Bills. Then I saw the funeral flowers and read that the lady who lives in this house made it for the seventeen year old girl across the street who was killed because she got caught in a crossfire between her boyfriend (who shot up her neighbor’s door – why was she seeing a guy who was shooting up people’s doors?) and some other guys. This is wrong on so many levels. And the part that really works my nerves sometimes is that so much of it is let go.

Kids are getting shot up in Chicago, LA, and in this case, Birmingham. Sometimes they associate with the wrong folk. Sometimes they are just walking home or to school, minding their business, when they catch someone else’s bullet. It appears in the papers for a few weeks and then it is on to the next gory story.