Good News. Bad News. And Free Stuff.

Good News
I’m a big fan of free stuff, so I thought I’d share the following. Zoya is offering¬†two free nail polishes to anyone who orders and uses the code ZOYA2012 at checkout. It’s like Christmas has come eleven months and twenty days early!! Woot woot!

 Bad News
In the past 48 hours, I have become acquainted with the story of Jakadrien Turner, an African American girl from Dallas who has been deported to Colombia (and subjected to who knows what, some of which has resulted in her pregnancy). I don’t know what to think about this. To say that someone with our immigration department dropped the ball would be very generous. In the past year I’ve learned of a young female with mental problems being released from police custody and subsequently murdered (despite pleas from her family to hold her until a relative could help or intercede), another young runaway who vanished and later discovered to have been murdered by her boyfriend (the police refused to even investigate the disappearance for almost two days because she had run away before when her mother asked for help) and now this.