A hasty retreat (for grownups)

Yesterday, I was having a great day. I had been inspired, I had got my run on, even though it was raining. I spoke to my good bud Diva in Demand. I even wiped out a nice sized pile of mayhem and foolishness from my house. Then it happened. A series of unfortunate events that unfolded, one into the other until I was forced to retreat to my room and rethink the way I had handled them.

I think it started with some Little A behavior corrections, followed by a couple of issues with my “newly edgy” son (he is branching out and with that comes the need to attempt to test things, ugh) and my new company I was supposed to have my satellite service bundled through. Mind you, this bundling was supposed to result in a discount but according to them I don’t even have said bundling and I definitely don’t have said discount. I hate when people try to play with my money. That’s just begging to get a verbal skull dragging. When it was over, I was frustrated, mad and mad. The worst thing was that Al saw me losing my temper and I have been attempting to teach him to make wise decisions for his life. Don’t you just love when you become an example to your kids of what not to do? Sigh. Hence the adult time out.

I called Al to my room and made sure that he understood that my behavior was not any more acceptable because I was an adult. Then I regrouped and finished my day. I was proud of this because I know I was on my way to a full-fledged pity party in my pajamas. I guess like Chele said, just because you’re invited to a pity party, doesn’t mean you show up.