I think that teachers have one of the most important jobs on the planet. They pour so much into the future, shaping and molding the minds, hearts and destinies of our children. Yet, they are not nearly properly appreciated, in my opinion. It is our duties as parents, and as concerned citizens to do what we can to ensure that young people have access to the greatest educational opportunities possible and this can not happen without giving educators the support they need. Tonight, I’ll be watching this documentary about the experiences of four teachers over the course of a school year.

Money, money, money, money…. MONEY!!!!

Our president says that we should have a longer school year. It really seems to work for private schools and charter schools, but with the broken state of education in this country, how would this get financed? I live in a city that has walked the talk when it has come to education in the form of property tax levees passed every year since the 60’s and our schools are still strapped for cash. I read a blurb earlier this morning from President Obama stating that money in and of itself is not the complete solution for schools, and this is true, but it sure goes a long way toward fixing things.

Race to the Top Finalists Announced

The top 16 finalists in the “Race to the Top” competition, held by the United States Department of Education have been announced.  The competition is an effort to reward innovation in the field of education and incorporate that innovation into nationwide programs with the ultimate goal of making students better prepared for success in the economy and workplace of the 21st century.

According to the Department of Education web site,  States competing for Race to the Top funds were asked to document past education reform successes, as well as outline plans to: extend reforms using college and career-ready standards and assessments; build a workforce of highly effective educators; create educational data systems to support student achievement; and turn around their lowest-performing schools. You know I’m loving the fact that Louisiana made it, don’t you? Of course you do. 🙂 I’m sort of surprised that none of the Western states made it though. Hmmm.

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I dont know which has me shaking my head more…

about this story

  • the fact that a student broke into a teacher’s files, stole tests and distributed them…
  • that many students knew this went on and kept quiet
  • that when the school canceled the graduation ceremony because of the sheer number of students involved, a group of parents got angry and organized another ceremony (accountability, anyone?)


  • that one student used the tests and STILL FAILED. Sigh.