I know a forest somewhere just breathed a sigh of relief.

After stockpiling (and then having to clean out) a boatload of education, crafting and software magazines (not to mention those O’s I had to tear myself away from), I spent the last year or so downsizing my subscriptions. And throwing stuff out. Because I don’t want to be on hoarders OR intervention. Just saying.
Now I am going to be changing the few I have left to digital. It is going to be such a relief for me not to be dealing with the paper or trying to find a place to store them until I can read them. I just want to go outside (with my coat on, cause it’s SO cold right now) and do a dance or sing a song or something to celebrate my new found freedom. Maybe I’ll get my son a digital subscription for National Geographic! And not have to tell him to pick it up off of the floor!!! YAY!