Guess where I went this morning?

Believe it or not, I’ve been too busy a lot of days to make the trip to my friendly neighborhood coffee shop, even after the pumpkin spice latte was available (I still have to try the salted caramel mocha – sigh). I’m all warm and energized and ready to take on the challenges of the coming week. This weekend I WILL come up with a battle plan for Christmas cards AND get my father a birthday gift and actually send it off. Go me!!! ┬áHave a great weekend!

May as well break this out…

It is cool outside today. Cool as in, I should have worn a jacket over this short sleeve polo shirt. Never mind I would have needed a tank top less than seven days ago. Now all I want to do is grab a blanket and a book and a cup of tea and just read and snooze. I’ve gone from sorbet to hot chocolate in one week! At least I can look forward to the beautiful colors of the Autumn harvest. Sigh.

A couple hundred bucks for a tshirt. On sale.

This tee reminds me of my first premier designer shopping trip. I was in Southern California. Among the perfectly sunny weather, beaches and palm trees were so many brands in the malls and shopping centers that I had only seen in magazines. The shopping in the part of Louisiana where I was from could hardly be called world class. The wealthier women and their daughters in the area would go to Dallas, Houston, New York and sometimes other cities to get their high-end fix once or twice a year, but now I was surrounded by all of the stuff they brought back and some they could only hope to see. Then I walked into Gucci. The home of the Gucci bag and Gucci shoes. Then I looked at the prices. I saw a cute, plain, white t-shirt (with no logo, mind you) and it was about 225 bucks, marked down. 1990s prices. That may also be where I developed a passion for saving money because I knew my closet would not be full if I got into the habit of buying 225 dollar t shirts and a girl’s got to have options.