I say “polar”, you say “vortex”…

frostI am guessing that it’s our turn to get below freezing – again. I stepped out of the house to run some errands and the wind chill was brutal. At least we’re not snowed or iced in (the weather people say that sort of stuff will be coming tomorrow – hmph), but that heavy wind in the sunshine is a bit rude. Sort of like slapping someone who tries to shake your hand. Yeesh. I hope this does not mean we will be dealing with a heat wave or something this Summer.

Cold and rainy days

I think our regular weather is back – for now – and then some. On my way home, I noticed rain and hail on the windshield. The temps are back to the 50s and I have asked myself more than once today if it was really almost June, but it is. I DO live in the Pacific Northwest, where we just put on our coats and sweaters and keep things moving.  At least the crops are being watered, right? 🙂

There is only one thing days like this are good for.

pinkfuzziesTwo things if you count sleep. The other thing is fuzzy socks and or slippers. I have had lots of interesting designs over the years that have included what had to have included wild colored treasure troll hair. Some have been cute and some have been as ugly as all get out, but all of them were warm. This Winter, Little A has grabbed my spare pairs a couple of times for herself. She is quite a sight in my huge (and vivid) socks, but I guess she doesn’t mind since they are so warm and soft. I can’t blame her. I’d definitely resort to pilfering in this weather.

A good day to be inside.

Hey there! It has been a hectic week (or two? well week and a half) since I sat down to share what was going on around me. Our weather has been freezing. We got some kind of inverted air situation so it was actually warmer on the mountains than it was down here in the valley. Which means we are and have been COLD! So cold, I think I will work out inside. I love people and nature watching while getting my exercise, but I will pass on growing icicles on my nose (and other places – ha!). Just saw this on twitter:


I know it is true, but man, those waters are no joke!