2014 Day 132: Which way is up?

It seems like my children’s activities have all joined up in this vortex which threatens to suck all of the life out of me at times, but in a good way. Ha. I think I am still making forward progress, but at times it is hard to tell. There have been so many blessings in my life these past few weeks, actually this year, some physical, some spiritual. Will the things I have learned continue to be a meaningful part of my life, months from now? years from now? I hope so.

Having a quiet moment.

The sun is shining through my window. I’ve got a few things done around the house, but I have some big things in front of me. Big, demanding, how in the world are we going to get all of this done type of things. I’m not the first to have these obstacles (sometimes it feels that way) and I know I won’t be the last to have them. I think that moments like these leave me in awe of those who have come before me. What stood to hinder their progress was so much more formidable. Sometimes I feel that my generation has so much in the way of opportunities that maybe we have too much.

On the garden front, I’m looking at basil, lettuce, cilantro and possible heirloom tomatoes. I love fresh basil and cilantro. I may grow some other herbs, but I thought I’d start with my favorites.