Chandelier People.

I found a wonderful chandelier for the dining room. It was everything I thought I needed. It had beautiful bronze scrollwork and alabaster and provided all of the warmth and light I thought I could ever need. As pretty as it was, it was too big and thus wrong for the room. And on top of all of that one of the lights did not work so I had to return it. After I had it installed. I let that get on my nerves for a few weeks while I worked on other things around the house. The replacement was less exciting, but far more functional and harmonious.

Some people and situations in my life have been the same way. As wonderful, kind, dazzling, amazing as they were (and most still are), they did not fit the space of my life and whether because of my choices, theirs, both or neither, they are no longer a part of my everyday existence. Every now and then I wonder why and then I remember that they simply did not fit the area of my life or that our time as friends or whatever had come to an end.

Rude Awakenings.

There are few things like losing a job to inform you of who your real friends are. While I was praying and fasting and praying some more, my husband soon discovered that the vast majority of the people who he knew as friends would not even return his phone calls or text messages once word got around concerning what had happened to him. I was completely prepared for that, what I was not prepared for was the extent to which some of his older friends responded, or rather the extent to which they did not respond.

The last job my husband had left to join this company that ultimately fired him was the company that had brought him to this country and they got into a bidding war with the company my husband ultimately joined. The company that had originally hired him actually bid higher, but my husband decided to join the new company with its new opportunities. Now I was left to rethink whether those 14 years of opportunities were worth the severed ties and closed doors that were a part of our constant existence now. Sorry does not even begin to describe how I felt.