I started my own foundation today.

I am so excited! I have been praying about some needs in my community and I came across the opportunity to start my own foundation, so I did. Stay tuned. 🙂

A tasty way to help Haiti.

Last week while I was at the grocery store I was pleasantly surprised by the newest flavor of Odwalla. All of the profits from the sale of its mango lime-aid benefit Haiti Hope. The goal of Haiti Hope is to build a sustainable mango industry in the country by supporting its farmers. The drink is very refreshing (sweetened with cane juice) and a good way to help Haiti help itself.

A really great iphone/ipod app

Proloquo2go is an app that helps kids who have speech disabilities to communicate. Speech pathologists are really excited about its availability because it is loaded onto iphones and ipods, making it more portable and cutting its cost to about a tenth of its usual price.  I know that in recent months, I’ve been introduced to all kinds of apps. Apps that help one judge the “cuteness” of people in a bar using biometrics, apps that help set up booty calls, political satire on the verge of being offensive apps. How great is it that the affordability of this technology can help so many more children to interact with the world around them!