Today was a popsicle day.

One of my friends has said, “It is impossible to be angry while eating a popsicle.” I have no idea how this happens with a frozen stick of fruit juice, but it is absolutely true. Today was the kind of high temperature situation when our family would take our chances with the crowds and go on the lake or to the waterfalls in the mountains or on the coast under normal circumstances, but since we aren’t dealing with normal circumstances, we stayed home with our fruit pops.


We’re under heat advisory, and I’m out of popsicles. In the second week of September. Yep. We’re supposed to be in the mid 90’s. for a day or so. I look forward to the cooling off part of the week.

There will be a congressional hearing on Sept. 19 on hazardous toys. I’ll have to keep up with what happens. It won’t change the fact that I’m going to buy American gifts this Christmas. Shoot, I might just stick with American gifts all the time. Dad would be so proud. Disney doesn’t trust Mattel, so maybe I’m doing the right thing.

I gotta go get some autumn popsicles.

popsicle liquidation

I could have eaten a whole box of popsicles yesterday. And I’ll still be eating em today. Glad they have just 80 calories.

I’ve really really really really tried to be extra understanding with my mother in law and her grieving process and stuff, but she really pushes things sometimes. Most days I embrace the positive and ignore the negative, but late yesterday was not the day for that mess. I had my OWN stuff going on with MY KIDS and MY LIFE. Not very Christian I know, but that’s how I felt. Two more months. Keep it together… Two more months… LOLOL…


I had a popsicle today, so I guess life is picking up. Max cornered me and I had to share. What’s that about? He comes to share and then he sets up camp until my popsicle is gone, and then he fusses because the popsicle is gone. He ALWAYS finds me when I’m having one. None of the other kids do. Is he sniffing me out? The hot water heater is back online. Laundry and showers. I am so thankful.

Was anybody really surprised?
Star Jones Reynolds did a story about her surgery with Glamour Magazine. I did not know it was major news. I mean, she said she had a medical intervention, weight started dropping like twenty pounds because she took a breath, so I figured she had a gastric bypass. Sometimes people keep those private. I’ve had family to get them and I knew because I was family, and that was cool and life went on.
She said that she felt like a hypocrite because she did not tell and she was keeping it under wraps. If it makes her feel better, I’m all for it, but I’m surprised that this is a revelation to anybody. Maybe because I’ve been around folk who’ve done the procedure I instantly knew that’s what she did. Why was there such an uproar? Maybe because she was SO OPEN with everything else. I mean, giving folk details they did not even want about her wedding, and then when it came to the bypass it was, “medical intervention” or whatever she said. Maybe. I thought it was obvious what she did though. She looks healthy, and that’s what is important.

My dream dog – the bichon frise
After the kids are a bit bigger and can take care of their own labrador or golden retriever(s), I think I’m going to get a bichon frise. A purse dog. A girl. Named Gigi. My husband does not even like purse dogs. They usually annoy me too, but there is something about a bichon that is soooo cute and cuddly yet very chi chi pooh pooh. I could take her to the local beastie boutique every week. She’d have to have her own appointment and not the same day as the kids’ dog(s). My baby would demand special treatment. And a really cute purse. Or two.