Making Moves.

So we had the house exterior painted, the ac unit replaced with a heat pump, changed out lighting fixtures, sinks, faucets and linen closet shelves, and had the cabinetry repaired. The time was quickly approaching when we’d be getting interior painting, flooring and appliances switched out and there was no way I wanted to balance getting those things done while I tried to keep myself and my kids away from any of that new stuff. My original idea was moving into an apartment near Vancouver so that the kids could complete their school year while we finished the house.

The only problem was that we could not find anyone to rent an apartment to us. I take that back. We could not even get our calls or emails returned to look at a place, which I found strange. Then I had an idea that since my husband was working in the Seattle area and we would eventually move there, he could find us an apartment up there while we completed the house, he’d send me photos when he found something for our family and we’d get the place we liked the most.

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