My husband accepted a position in the Seattle area, but he found a way to commute home most weekends. I rearranged the younger kids’ evening routines so they could adjust more easily to the changes. I also put some trips to Seattle on the calendar so they could get more familiar with the area. And I could get more familiar with the area, too.
Our house had to get specialty paint to ensure that it properly dried, but the painters did a beautiful job. I got all of the too old fixtures switched out including the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that politely, yet loudly, inform you of a fire or elevated carbon monoxide. The heat pump got installed without incident it got a neat new thermostat that could be controlled via cell phone or Amazon device. On one hand, it is so great to get these things fixed up, but it is a little sad knowing that it is mostly in preparation for the next owners of the house. I have been praying for them and I am thankful for the time we have had.

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