The Storage Unit.

You never really know how much stuff you have accumulated until you consider throwing it out. Or donating it. Or moving it into a storage unit.
After a couple of weeks of interviews and offers and many many prayers for God’s will to prevail over the entire situation by me, my parents, and anyone else who I knew personally to be a serious person of faith, it became clear to me that at the very least, our time in Vancouver had a very good chance of coming to a close. The companies with the most interest in my husband were located in major metropolitan areas. This was a bit disconcerting to me because our family left the Bay Area for the Portland/Vancouver Area because we wanted to live in a smaller city, and here we were looking at living in places like Seattle, San Francisco, Honolulu and Orange County. Again. More prayer. Because big city living and real estate prices, and since I have no desire to live over 30 minutes away from any job my husband or I worked, even bigger real estate prices.
I needed to find a place to store the stuff we intended to move while we got things fixed on the house in the event that we would have to move. I also had to come up with a transition plan for my children. I would start with a storage unit and move anything I deemed necessary or impossible to part with there as we fixed things up room to room or a couple of rooms to a couple of more rooms. We would also have to hire a realtor early in the process so that our rennovations got us the most bang for our buck. My first projects would be the painting of the house exterior and the replacement of the air conditioning unit with a heat pump.

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