When friends turn into mythical creatures.

unicorn2I have read about people having strange dreams because of everything that is going on (or not going on) during this pandemic, but I have only experienced it twice and both times I had eaten dinner a bit too late in the evening. Last night was one of those times.

One of my old friends and his wife were helping me with a project. The only problem was, they had somehow turned into unicorns. They still sounded the same and were very kind and helpful, but they looked a teeny bit different. Cute, but different. I was a bit standoffish as a result. My friend did not appreciate it and he informed me of this. I, in turn didn’t appreciate him informing me…

Friend: “What’s up? You are acting real weird…”
Me: “Ummm…”
Friend: “You haven’t spoken or anything. We are taking time out of our schedule to help you with this.”
Me: “I appreciate that, but. Dude. You’re a unicorn. As a matter of fact, both of y’all are unicorns. Can I have a little space to adapt to that, um, reality? Cause THAT’S weird!”

Friend then looked at me like I’m tripping out when he was a freaking unicorn. Can you believe some, er, people? He continued to help, so I guess I should be thankful that I still had good friends, whatever their form, but next time I will skip the late meal, have a glass of water and call it a night.




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