I need to get this framed.

keep-calm-logoIn my family of origin, I am sort of well known for freaking out. I think I get a bad rap sometimes, but I have noticed when my siblings (or my parents) are giving me the Okay-TJ-don’t-freak-out voice or something. I think I have mellowed out over the years, and besides, I freak out because I care. I’m working on it. I really am. I am a passionate person, so sometimes I think my passion is mistaken for freaking out. I know that having a teenager who is constantly testing my parental boundaries gives me a few extra freak out points, or at least I hope I do, but like I said, I am working on it. I am thankful to have calming people in my life who I can sit with and talk to. People like my husband, who will quietly and lovingly hold me and just understand that I’m having one of those moments that I tend to have, when I freak out.

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