Friends. How many of us have them?

friendsYesterday evening, I found myself reading Adrienne’s blog post about friends. It reminded me of a moment I had way way back when I graduated high school. I had received gifts from family, friends and mentors. There was a card, though, that I wasn’t sure how I felt about. It basically said that learning how to let go of people with grace and without bitterness was one of life’s great lessons, oh and congratulations on the graduation. At the time I was like, “What?” I don’t want to let go of my friends. I LOVE my friends. Do you know that in the next four or five years life wrestled every single one of my “closest” friends from me? I still had good new friends, but my high school buddies were all gone. At first I was salty about it because I would occasionally try to keep in touch and folks didn’t seem to care. Using up my postage. LOL. In time, though, I came to the realization that we led different lives and that was okay too. I’ve had great friends since then and I have great friends now, but I know how to lovingly and gracefully let them go when our reason or season for being friends has come to an end. My mentor who gave me the card was very right. It has been one of the greatest lessons I have learned.

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