2014 Day 32 : Pass the chocolate!!

nutsandchewsI know I will have more noble and loving things to say later (or at least I hope I will? LOL), but right now, I just want a box of See’s Nuts and Chews.

2 thoughts on “2014 Day 32 : Pass the chocolate!!

  1. YES! Do you have See’s in your state? I considered mail ordering some. Every holiday wasn’t complete without at least one box of nuts and chews being given when I was growing up. No one can beat See’s. No one. And those lollipops! Swoon!

    • We have See’s in Washington. When I lived in California, I worked across the street from a See’s plant. There was ALWAYS a thick cloud of chocolate wafting through the office. Sigh. Good times. LOL.

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