Don’t wait out Frankenstorm. A message to Zone A.

Growing up, pre-Katrina, one thing I never ever understood was people who had resources and capability “waiting out” hurricanes. It used to happen all of the time when areas on the Gulf Coast, south of us, would have evacuation orders  (shoot, even after Katrina hit people still do it – what’s up with THAT?). Whatever happened to the attitude of better safe than sorry? Or the realization that once life is lost it can not be replaced? If you live in Zone A and you’re reading this and have the means, please evacuate. Yes you will have the headache of traffic and the weather man does not always get the forecast right, but I know it is better to come back home, complain and move on than to be physically and personally impacted by this storm. If you don’t have the means, the city’s 76 shelters are open and taking people in.

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