Making Appointments.

I’ve been really organized with my time for the past year. Organized enough to keep from running late every now and then? Um, no, but organized enough to have to put family members in in advance, so I can really sit down and spend time with them without being frantic about the half dozen other things I’m trying to do at the same time. The latest was Little A. She has these outings she likes to go on and recently I just had to whip out my calendar and show her where I put her in because at the time I was working with her brother on some homework. I showed her the monthly view and the daily view so she would know that she is there and we’ll be going on the day I marked. Part of me feels like maybe I shouldn’t be penciling my kids (and sometimes my husband) in, but there is only one of me and four of them. Therefore, the need to maintain order and sanity has a tendency to eclipse that guilt.

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