My Personal Classroom Crisis: A Reflection

This post is in response to a Plinky prompt that asked what my worst classroom experience was. Enjoy.

When I was in elementary school, I had a music teacher who, I felt, liked everyone in the class except me. She called on everyone except me. I kept track and she actually called on every student in the class except for me. I thought maybe I needed to work harder to get her attention. So I practiced and practiced and practiced and still never got called on. One day, after I was discouraged and tired of feeling that way, I asked her why she ignored me. She told me that she resented the fact that I asked the question and got all puffed up. I almost felt bad for asking at the time, except I kept track of everyone she had called on for weeks and she called on everybody but me. The next time I had an altercation with a teacher like that I was in college and I dropped his class the day it happened. Maybe I should thank her for helping me determine what kind of treatment I would not tolerate in a classroom setting or anywhere else.

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