Defying Labels: Soul searching in one hundred degree heat.

I don’t know if men have this issue, but a lot of women in my life (myself included) have found ourselves defining our lives based on the labels we have accepted from those around us. Sometimes those labels are negative and we fight tooth and nail to shed them, but what about the labels that are perceived as positive that can be just as effective at keeping us from living the life we were created and called to live? This week I’m discovering that the time eventually arrives to shed them as well. I think I’ll have an agua fresca and marinate on that.

4 thoughts on “Defying Labels: Soul searching in one hundred degree heat.

    • When I wrote this post I was thinking about how I (and women I have known throughout my life) have allowed the perception of others to create limitations in our lives.

  1. I know what you mean. Labels like “strong” and “independent” are not necessarily bad things but because that is how I’m perceived I feel like I’m not allowed to show any weaknesses ever.

    • And you know, Chele, I had never even given thought to the problems a “good” label could create for my life until last week because I figured it was a privilege to have others believe such things about me.

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