Right here. Right now.

Next year I am going to be forty years old. 4-0. I have heard that this age freaks a lot of women out. I’ve been reflecting a lot over where my life is, how it got there and where to go from here. That has meant a lot of prayer and blatant honesty. Today I came to the conclusion that I am where I am supposed to be right now. The right turns and the wrong turns brought me here. Now it’s time to move onward, build on the good and improve upon the bad. Right here. Right now.

4 thoughts on “Right here. Right now.

  1. I’ve been to the mountaintop and the hype is not that serious. I can’t wait until I reach 50! I think that is when life will really come into view. If you didn’t freak out at 30 then 40 will be no big deal. Enjoy being on the cusp of greatness! 🙂

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