Bridge City Baking Gluten-Free Marionberry Pie.

I was out shopping this week when I came across a  gluten-free pie that did not look freaky, so I thought I’d try it, especially since it was made of Marionberries (Marionberries are the most common type of cultivated blackberry, they originate in Oregon and they make really tasty pies). The crust was soft, flaky and tasty and the filling was Marionberry goodness, so if I find myself in need of a gluten-free dessert solution, I will definitely try it again. The calorie and fat content will have me cutting it up, but that has more to do with my personal preference than any nutritional comparsion between the gluten-free and typical pies.

2 thoughts on “Bridge City Baking Gluten-Free Marionberry Pie.

    • I never heard of them until I moved to this area, either, but I bought a cake with a thin layer of them between the layers and I’ve been hooked ever since. 🙂

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