Tuesday News. That Melted into Wednesday.

Hi everybody! My life is slowly getting back to less hectic. Not that I’ll be  sipping lemonade on the lawn wondering what to do with my time anytime soon, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back to  my Monday news posts and other routines. 🙂 (I  was going to write about the Zimmermans, but if you will lie to a judge and then hold telephone conversations IN CODE about the lie you told a judge, is there really anything else to say? Other than you are dishonest AND not terribly smart? There, I said it. Moving on.)

The governor of Colorado declared a state of disaster today after a the High Park fire, burning near Fort Collins, claimed its first victim, Linda Steadman. According to the U. S. Forest Service, a division of the Department of Agriculture, there are currently sixteen large uncontained fires burning in the West.  During our Memorial Day weekend, we drove through three National Forests and the fire condition signage was a sobering reminder of how quickly things can go wrong.

Filed under I for “It must be nice.”
It must be nice to be able to lose 2 billion (yes with a B) dollars and not impact anyone, yet I somehow think this is not the case. Here is the some of the prepared congressional testimony of the CEO of JP Morgan Chase.
“We have let a lot of people down, and we are sorry for it,” Dimon says in remarks prepared for the Senate Banking Committee. “We will not make light of these losses, but they should be put into perspective. We will lose some of our shareholders’ money – and for that, we feel terrible – but no client, customer or taxpayer money was impacted by this incident.”

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