This week I got together with my small group friends. Can I just say that I love my small group friends? Because I do. We are all at a point in our lives where we are about living our best lives and it is so great to be around a group of like-minded, positive people. We are working on art journals. It’s like a diary except where you would normally do writing, you employ all kinds of creative processes. I get to play with glitter, paint, glue, paper and more!!! Did I mention the glitter? Can’t ever have too much glitter to play with. I’m just getting started on my journal and I LOVE it already. This is going to be a good month!

2 thoughts on “I LOVE May!

  1. Well people usually create them out of hard cover sketch books. They cut, paste, draw, paint and scribble their feelings on the pages. It’s awesome.

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