Monday News: Cleaning up my timeline.

My Twitter is set up primarily as an information and news source. I am connected to a few friends, several news outlets, journalists, and other professionals in fields I am interested in keeping up with. Imagine my surprise when a firsthand blow by blow of a domestic altercation between a former professional athlete, his wife and one of her friends found its way into my timeline. I really did not think that was my business so I made some changes, and once again, all is peaceful in the realm of my timeline.

I know that our society is really into getting all possible details into celebrities (and former celebrities’) lives, but sometimes I really would not mind getting back to the days when everybody famous’ business was not all over the tv and web.

4 thoughts on “Monday News: Cleaning up my timeline.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I often see things on FB and on the local news where they are reporting deeply personal information and I think, ‘that is none of my business.’ Example is when they recently reported that a celebrity had cancer. That is none of my business unless celebrity himself decides to divelge that information.

    • I don’t know which is more awful, that somebody whose job was to respect confidentiality sold out for a few dollars or that somebody else thought it was pertinent enough to bribe the person.

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