Just some thoughts in my head…

Blogging is a good way to procrastinate homework and cleaning organize my thoughts. Just saying.

I am so thankful for REI being located in the same state as I live. Quick shipping and…WATER PROOF RUNNING SHOES! The prospect of having dry feet is making me so happy. LOL. Maybe too happy.

In the grocery store this afternoon, I noticed Johnny Depp on the cover of People. It would appear that he is on the market again. Cocoa and Ben, if you read this, don’t tell Mama. Just kidding. Not even really.

Dear makers of exercise balls – these jokes of air pumps that you include with your devices will someday be featured on Snapped as the device that made somebody see red, black out and go on a rampage. You might want to start on a fund for that lawsuit. It’s coming.

Last night I got polled about whether I would vote for Newt Gingrich. I don’t know whether to be excited that it is known that our household is not anybody’s guaranteed vote, or disturbed that Newt Gingrich is a major candidate. Shrug. Tomorrow is Friday.




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