The bug is going around.

Again. I know. Blech. Al got sick while I was out this weekend. I think Nat is picking it up. I really hope that it will start there. I’m using plenty of hand sanitizer. Today is my father’s birthday. I feel really happy that I sent him a card and a gift in the same month as the event. Actually, I shipped it off in enough time that it should be there today or tomorrow. I’m getting more organized about stuff like that and life in general. That makes me feel good, even on days like today when I’ve been sort of reminded that I have a little way to go (well, actually a lot) to get where I want to be. 🙂 This weekend I met some really great people. I know it seems sometimes like I meet great people a lot, but I do. I meet great people on the internet, at church, at bible study, at the store, everywhere. I’m thankful for that. I’m also thankful that I am learning and accepting that people at their best and worst are people.

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