Calming my anxious heart.

Last week, I started a bible study with this book. I like having these kinds of things going on because I have to really look at the way I do things and the way my life is going and if I want to continue doing the same thing and getting the same result. I thought that life would calm down once the kids got back into school but it just seems like things are ramping up and up and up. We have studies and clubs and PTSA fundraisers and in a few weeks I’ll be snack mom and then there will be holidays and then Spring and then Summer planning all over again. I feel like I’m on a merry-go-round but I am really trying to be engaged and involved because I know someday the ride will be over and my kids will be living their independent lives. I know how precious this time, right now is, I just have to work on staying mindful on a moment to moment basis. I think this book is helping with that and helping me make choices that will aid in my big choice to be content.

2 thoughts on “Calming my anxious heart.

  1. This book seems to be right up my alley. This is my daughter’s senior year and it seems like she just started high school. Pretty soon we’re going to be shopping for her dorm room … *deep sigh*

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