Ready for their closeup.

Today is picture day for Little A and Max. Little A always enjoys dressing up in cute clothes, but Max was not appreciating the extra time I put into his hair this morning. Then again, if he’s not getting a scalp massage, he doesn’t really want me messing with his hair. I know that pictures have changed over the years, but do elementary aged children REALLY need retouches? This year’s available enhancements include whiter teeth and eyes and smoothed out skin blemishes for that airbrushed look that I’m getting tired of in magazines. I know that I’m a mother so I think my kids are the bees’ knees, but I’ve never looked at an elementary aged child’s photo and thought, “Cute girl/guy, but too many blemishes.” or, “If only his/her eyes and teeth were whiter”. I wish that we could let children be children, flaws and all.

4 thoughts on “Ready for their closeup.

  1. I’ve heard parents tell their kids not to smile in their school pictures due to loss of a tooth or two (normal for a six year old!) or a chipped tooth. So sad! Those make the cutest pics to look back on.

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