Anticipating Autumn

I’m looking forward to all of the stuff that comes with Autumn. In my life, it’s a lot of stuff. This morning I got a reminder on my calendar that my Dad’s birthday is on the horizon (Can I just take a moment to say I LOVE the way my calendar sends me emails to remind me of stuff? I feel so organized. I may never miss another birthday again. I know my family and friends will appreciate that.) So far this autumn, the leaves have started changing, the kids are back in school, the sweaters are making their way to the front of the closet and the sundresses are on the way back, and the rain has returned (I got drenched yesterday, but it’s really nothing new. It was cold, but nothing new). I like Autumn and all of the festivals and holidays and conferences and getting ready for the winter hubbub. I’ve even made peace with the Christmas merchandise at Costco.

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5 thoughts on “Anticipating Autumn

  1. You’re better than me. I went to Macy’s on Saturday and the whole doggone winter wonderland was up and it just disgusted me. I haven’t even fully taken advantage of my halloween pumpkin candy yet!

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