I’ll be keeping it simple this week.

Hopefully I will make it to the Farmer’s Market. The food is great, but I’ve actually returned empty-handed on a few occasions. Sometimes, I just like to walk around and observe the interactions between people. This weekend, the wine and jazz festival will be going on in the park nearby. Talk about great conditions for people watching! Next week there are back to school socials and orientation and then it will be time for the last hurrah of the season, Labor Day. I’m going to miss this Summer, but it is time to move on.

4 thoughts on “I’ll be keeping it simple this week.

  1. So caught up with this daggone hurricane until I forgot about the Farmer’s Markets. Hesitant to stock up on fresh food since we might lose power. Fruit would be good for a few day though. Not sure if the vendors are even out today.

    • I can see how you’ve been caught up in it. I know what it’s like to expect (and have) power outages (for multiple days), so I hope that the disturbances and damage are minimal.

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