The Perfect Party Size

(Can I start off with a big WOO HOO that my plinky is functional again? Thank you. 🙂 )I’m not sure how many people makes for the perfect party. Maybe however many people can comfortably interact in the space allotted? I’ve gone to all kinds of parties – dinner parties, balls, banquets, galas and as long as people could snack and chat (or sip and chat) comfortably, it was all good. I don’t even think the highest quality food or drink was necessary as long as there was positive, thought provoking conversation and exchange of information. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate good food, but good conversation is just better.

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One thought on “The Perfect Party Size

  1. That’s true….it really depends on what type of party you’re having. If you want to go for the dinner party vibe then it matters where you’re having it and how much room you have. If you want a backyard bbq then the more the merrier because you don’t expect the setting to be so intimate.

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