I got some new thank you cards.

I know y’all are thinking, “Things MUST be getting pretty dull around there,” with a title like that, but I was doing a plinky prompt the other day that asked about all of the goals I had for this year and when I got my thank you cards a couple of days ago, I added another one – to hand them all out by the end of the year. I have such a great group of friends and family (and it seems I keep meeting great new people all of the time), that I should at least thank them for all of the great stuff they do. I was just thinking the other day about the good friends I have made over the years and how generous people have been to me.Why not pass that type of thing along?

3 thoughts on “I got some new thank you cards.

  1. I love thank you cards and I have tons of them. You want to know what the problem is…good intentions with no action. I am horrible with sending any kind of cards out, and I should be good and ashamed! I need to figure out some way to improve my bad habits. If you have any suggestions, I’m willing to listen. ~Cris

  2. Diva in Demand: Thanks!
    Chris: I’ve been known to accumulate them, but I’m going back to my old habit of keeping extra stamps in my vehicle and on my desk so I can just stamp them and take them to the mailbox. Another thing that works for me is just hand delivering the local ones. I know that’s gas money, but it just works better for me.

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