I had roasted asparagus with my lunch, and I’m so happy!!.

Asparagus is my favorite vegetable. I could eat it steamed or roasted. I’ve even had asparagus fries with garlic aioli (I know garlic is a traditional ingredient in aioli, but this one had EXTRA garlic. It was so GOOD. Since asparagus grows in my state, I’ll have to look into what it takes to grow my own. My basil plant is still going strong (of course it is being grown indoors, which helps a lot) and I have a few other herbs I’ll be starting when I get a little more time.

5 thoughts on “I had roasted asparagus with my lunch, and I’m so happy!!.

  1. Oh I love asparagus too. I really like the big fat ones but it seems I can only find the little skinny ones. I drizzle mine with evoo and roast in the oven and then I sprinkle some (ghetto) Sylvia’s Great Geens! on them. Yum!

  2. So I didn’t end up going the herb route….instead I slathered on a little butter (I was out of evoo) sprinkled on an orange pepper marinade and roasted it for 15 minutes. It was soooo good. The white asparagus may be my new favorite. I like the skinny ones better though. lol

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