Taking our daughters and sons to work.

Today is Taking Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.
The purpose of it is to expose young people to a workday of a parent or mentor. This helps to instill the value of education and work-life balance as it offers all of the benefits of an interactive experience in a workplace environment. This year Al will be hanging out with his dad at work. I hope that he is having a positive experience.

2 thoughts on “Taking our daughters and sons to work.

  1. I worked with an executive who brought his 12 year old daughter to work one year and she sat in on meetings where we evaluated 3 potential projects. At the end of the day the big boss asked her what she thought and she explained how we’d wasted too much time on projects we decided not to pursue. She had taken notes and presented her thoughts better than most of the people in the meeting. At the end of the day I believe that we learned just as much as she did….if not more.

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