Soul Food.

Have you ever heard about someone doing something so great that you had to pass it on? Yesterday, I learned the story of Bruno Serato, who is the owner of the Anaheim White House Restaurant in Anaheim, CA and one of CNN’s Heroes. He serves gourmet meals during the day, but in the evening, he serves young kids at the local Girls and Boys Club who live in motels with their families. While his mother was visiting the states from Italy, she witnessed the living conditions of the young people and the fact that they did not have a proper meal to eat and she told her son that he must feed those children. So he does, even in the face of losses he has suffered due to the dismal effects of the recession in Orange County. He feeds the children fresh, handmade pasta and sauces, not leftovers, and he says that while he shoulders the expense of providing these meals, he would not sleep at night if the kids didn’t eat. The next time I’m in Southern California, I hope I can get a table at that restaurant.

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