Bad news for daily diet soda drinkers – you know, besides the pepsi max commercial.

It has not been a good week for people who drink diet soda, especially Pepsi Max. There is this Superbowl commercial which pretty much assured me that if I ever find myself grabbing a soda, it will NOT be a Pepsi Max.

And now a study has found that people who consume diet soda on a daily basis have a 61 percent higher risk of negative vascular incidents, including heart attack and stroke. I think I’ll take my chances with filtered water.

3 thoughts on “Bad news for daily diet soda drinkers – you know, besides the pepsi max commercial.

  1. I love Diet Pepsi. Food is just not as good unless washed down with diet pepsi ! The so called “new study” says I will have a stroke or some kind of vascular accident if I continue to drink them. Where is the proof,and the why they are saying this? I began drinking diet pepsi to eliminate calories from my daily calorie intake. ( I loved the feel of Pepsi in my throat as I drank it, so cold,strong, so refreshing) . If you don’t have a weight problem you probably would never have tried diet products. There for a lot of diabetics and over weight people may have health problems. They (we) may die younger. I believe the study said that the test subjects age was around 69 yrs, (?). Please explain how this is bad for me. Is it the artificial sweeteners ? Carbonated water,color,? Pepsi, please print a rebutal to these so called new studies.

    • Actually, there have been several studies about the detrimental effects of artificial sweeteners, not to mention the links made between heart problems and the caramel coloring used in diet colas, including diet pepsi. Maybe future studies will refute this one, and maybe they will reinforce it. We’ll have to see, I guess.

  2. must a had a stroke in the last month or so. my memory is gone and the rest. doc described it as limbic tension but with 3 cans a day for over a year i am now starting to realize that something is up.

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