Our First Lady talks about food deserts

Have you ever read extensively about something, talked to all your friends about it, swore that you wrote a blog post about it, but when you searched you really hadn’t, but you meant to? I think that’s what happened to me when I read about food deserts almost two years ago.

My parents live in a rural community and we’ve always had access to reliable transportation and a decent garden most seasons. This was a very good thing, because the nearest full grocery store used to be over 20 miles from where they lived. The only types of stores that were within walking and biking distance sold things like honey buns, pints of ice cream, soda, and maybe sky high eggs, milk and a few dusty cans. With the influx of development that has come to the area, local food shopping is much better, but the issue of the food desert is still a big problem in urban and rural America.

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