I’m an…outdoors person?

I like my share of the mountains and the beach and stuff, but I’ve never really thought of myself as an outdoors person. Now my mom, SHE loves herself some outdoors. Fishing. Camping. Making sun tea. All that stuff. Now me, I can hike, I love a mountain vista, and I can hang on the beach all day, but let’s not get carried away. We’ve been having our usual inconsistent yet very wet weather out here in the Pacific Northwest and today I had the opportunity to step outside without getting rained on. I was SO HAPPY! It wasn’t sunny, but I was just loving it. I was running and smiling (sometimes people tell me I shouldn’t be doing that whole working out and grinning thing – but I can’t help it). My mother would really get a big kick out of hearing about this because while I was growing up I was sort of notorious for hanging in my room and anywhere else where I didn’t have to swat bugs away. LOL.

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