You know what?

I was going to write this flowery and profound post, but I was having a case of the blahs that accompanies living somewhere where the sun hardly ever shines after mid-fall, at least not this year. My husband heard in my voice that I was not feeling my best so he bought me some of these (which are made in Washington, the most beautiful state, ever), and I was/am really happy because they were really tasty. And because I have someone who is so considerate of my feelings.

4 thoughts on “You know what?

  1. First of all I’m jealous….so y’all suck. LOL Second of all I’m jealous because I fell in love with those things a looooooong time ago and I haven’t been able to find them in at least 5 years….so I hate you. LOL

    Enjoy on my behalf!

  2. Washington is the most beautiful state ever? Really? That’s good to know because I’m supposed to be there in May for brother’s wedding. I’ll be sure to grab some Almond Roca while I’m there.

    • Well that’s my humble opinion. LOL. Oregon and California are second and third. I think that’s because I really like beaches and mountains, although I hear that Colorado and Utah are stunning, I haven’t seen enough of them to change my opinion.

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