Digging deeper…

Recently I’ve been talking to two friends and I’ve had a vibe that something was just not right, but I did not want to push the issue for fear of invading their space. One of them was going through a loss of a loved one and another was going through another type of crisis. Lately, it seems like it’s been a challenge to balance stuff like this – when people should be left alone and when they don’t need to be left alone. Sigh. I’m getting there.

4 thoughts on “Digging deeper…

  1. This is such a difficult situation. I know that when I was going through a breakup I didn’t hear from NOT ONE PERSON who I thought was a friend. When I questioned one of them he said, “I just figured you needed some space. When I went through it, I just wanted to be left alone.”

    I understand that but everyone is different. A quick email or text saying, “I’m thinking about you,” would not have invaded my space.

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