Wake up call.

This plinky prompt was Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not? I would have to say yes. Do I believe that we always know or find out the reason? No.

Saturday morning I was up really early starting my day. When I start my day, the television is not on. As a matter of fact, if the television is on from some kid or my husband coming through late at night and falling asleep, I turn it off. I just don’t start my day with the tv. Well, Saturday I turned on the television and just couldn’t fight the urge to scroll through to one of the news channels. When I reached it there was a photo of the big Chrismas tree in downtown Portland that was lit the night before. The reporter’s voice told a story about a young teen named Mohamed Osman Mohamud who was born in Somalia and lived in Corvallis, Oregon. He wanted to blow up a van of what he thought was explosives so that he could kill and hurt families out celebrating Christmas. In downtown Portland. Where I have been so many times before. Near my husband’s office.

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