I used to do Black Friday. Now I don’t.

I did it the first two or three years after I was married. What can I say, around year three or four my enthusiasm started to wear off. I just did not see the point of getting up before dawn to get in line to chase after the five to ten doorbuster items the store du jour had waved in front of me. Camping overnight was always out of the question, so it really made no sense for me to invest the time and effort it would have taken to drag myself, my husband and our kid(s) out of bed and dressed. I don’t like how the stores advertise really great deals that they don’t have many of in stock just to create a frenzy. It sort of reminds me of the situation between Charlie Brown and Lucy in this picture. Somehow, I think there will be plenty of deals out there in the next twenty eight days or so.

4 thoughts on “I used to do Black Friday. Now I don’t.

  1. I agree. We used to do it too…..every year for about 6 years we’d be out at 2am with our plan of attack. It was tradition. But after a while it became “I don’t have anything to get this year” and then “why bother”. It was always more about the girls day out than anything else so we just started getting together for lunch on decorating trees and wrapping gifts.

  2. The best deals are the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day! Also that period after New Year’s you can get 75% off because most stores are doing inventory in January.

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