Walmart same store sales are down…

for the seventh straight quarter (because of cost cutting measures by the company and international expansion, though, their net profit is up).  I think that’s interesting because it could mean that even bargain shoppers or cutting back, or it could mean that those who have survived this recession with their income in tact could be slowly moving back to their old shopping hangouts. Sam’s club, the warehouse arm of Walmart, is reporting a boost in their same store sales, particularly in fresh food and apparel, which sounds a bit like preparation for the oncoming season, at least to me..


Money Lessons for Teens.

I know now that Al is a teen (sigh) I try to find ways to talk to him more often about relationships, nutrition, finances and stuff he needs to know so that he can be a healthy, contributing member of society and not live in my house.  These are some of the things personal finance expert Susan Hirshman suggests making sure that kids know (I think that a lot of these lessons could benefit grownups too).

1. Know where the money goes.

2. Save/invest early and often.

3. Make a conscious effort to spend less than you make.

4. Deeply dislike debt.

5. Shop around.

6. Live like a student.

7. You’re not alone.

8. Dream big and small.

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