Do you know who they are?

Dr. Hawa Abdi (center) and her daughters (from left to right) Dr. Amina Mohamed and Dr. Deqo Mohamed. Source:

In 1983, Dr. Hawa Abdi was running a one room medical clinic on her family farm in Somalia when refugees began coming to her for food and aid. Today, she and her daughters (with whom she is pictured) run a facility that helps 90,000. People are able to farm, learn and raise a family on more than 200 acres.

Last May she was held hostage by al-quaeda linked militants who were outraged that a woman had such an important position. Among her words for them, “What have you done for society?” and “…if you want to kill me kill me, no problem someday I have to die.”

Dr. Abdi and her daughters were honored as Women of the Year by Glamour Magazine. Reading about the challenges they face to help their people really puts whatever little things I’d like to complain about in my life into perspective.

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