Beauty at what cost?

NY Times

Last Summer (or was it the Summer before last), the big thing in hair was the Brazilian blow out. Everybody was talking about how it could make hair easier to manage and quicker to dry, regardless of natural texture. I did a bit of research into the treatment and it contained formaldehyde, you know, the stuff most people would not put on their nails because of its carcinogenic qualities. I would love to shorten my hair drying time, but formaldehyde? Other similar treatments don’t contain formaldehyde, but they do contain a derivative. While the idea of having a shorter drying time during the Summer was the stuff that thick-haired girls’ like my dreams are made of, I had to pass on getting the treatment. Now that I’ve seen the article that accompanied this photo, I know I made the right choice (did I mention that I saved around 300 bucks?)

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