CAB, not ABC in CPR


The American Heart Association has issued new guidelines for administering CPR, in light of the fact that chest compressions are especially helpful because they keep the blood circulating. The old method called for clearing airway obstructions and administering mouth to mouth resuscitation, but recently CPR administered strictly by hand has been found to save more lives in cardiac arrest situations.

5 thoughts on “CAB, not ABC in CPR

  1. Just after you told me about this I saw a story on CNN with a trained EMT giving an example. He said that they teach you to do compressions to the beat of Staying Alive and he demonstrated. It was very informative to actually see it.

  2. I think I saw the same video on It was very informative. I posted a blog about the new guidelines from the AHA, as well. I found your site, because it was automatically generated to my site. The more people that are reached with this information, the better. Your chart is great!

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